Cobham HIgh Street development

Rees Architects are currently working on the redevelopment of a derelict listed building site in Cobham High Street.

Our proposal is to renovate the existing listed building facing the High Street and revitalise its retail history. Existing non-original extensions will be replaced with residential units that work with the character of the existing building and conservation area. The proposal also includes seven residential units to the rear of the site, that will create a strong sense of place within the area.

The project has been respectful to the historical elements in any views that associate it with the existing listed building. However, it remains true to its time and tells its own story when it’s separate from the public realm.

The coexistence between old and new is carefully managed to share similar qualities while creating something new and innovative. Features like pitched roofs, ornamented facades; will be reinterpreted, linking different times together.

The new build will incorporate vernacular features and materials, that complement the existing building in an historic landscape whilst integrating better into the High Street and amongst neighbouring buildings, aiming to celebrate its sense of place.