Essex Farm Development

Rees Architects are currently in the process of developing a small complex of agricultural buildings on an Essex farmyard. There are 5 buildings on the site: 1 barn to store seeds and grain and all other buildings previously used for agricultural purposes, equipment and general storage. The site is surrounded by agricultural fields on 3 boundaries and a listed Farm House on the 4th.

The design proposal offers a contextual and sensitive redevelopment solution for the site and seeks to enhance the character of this redundant farmyard complex and use the serene environment to create a housing complex that provides a healthy and high quality environment for families. The development will be contained within an area well defined by the existing structures and hardstandings. The proposed buildings are closely linked through a central courtyard, green areas, without compromising the convenience and privacy of existing and proposed housing.

Additional planting of trees, ponds and fences will further increase the biodiversity, ecology and visual quality of the site. There is also a focus on creating highly energy efficient buildings.

Overall, the proposed scheme aims to provide high quality sustainable housing in an attractive environment with its own identity, while enhancing biodiversity.

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